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Net Guardian

Net Guardian is the most flexible and secure co-location solution available in the market today. The recently introduced Net Guardian provides optimal security ad protection - both full height as well as co-location designs.

As more and more organizations realise the benefits of co-locating their servers at facilities providing connectivity to the Internet, the demand for a secure enclosure is paramount. Enterprises that lease storage space from a co-location facility may be sharing the same enclosure with other leasees. Each company needs to feel the assurance that ther mission critical hardware, as well as the priceless enterprise data stored on their servers, will be safe and secure.

Amerex provides the ultimate solution for a high security application. The enclosure offer unique key lock combinations - along with the option of the Amerex Key Pad Lock. Power and data distribution to each "bay" is protected in a secure cable trough creating a safe and tamper - free enviroment.

The Net Guardian's minimal 600mm width footprint effectively utilizes horizontal and vertical space, providing additional real-estate savings in today's costly data center enviroments. Each customer - configured enclosure can incorporate any combination of components, including perforated or fan top panels; perforated or vented doors; fixed of roll out shelves; and 5 and 15 amp power channels.

Available fully assembled
- Height - 42U and 46U
- Width - 600mm or 800mm
- Depth - 800mm or 1000
- Multiple Compartment Sizes 6U, 9U, 12U, 18U, 24U & 42U
- Total security for servers
- Unique key locks for doors
- Secure cable routing for each compartment
- In-Built thermal management
- Metal vented doors






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